Trading in the financial market


  • Estefania Michelle Garrido-Jarrín Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica - Ecuador
  • Mayra Cristina Quinaluisa-Molina Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica - Ecuador
  • Cristian David Talavera-Carvajal Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica - Ecuador


to invest, financial markets, operate, trading, monetary value


Most people do not know where to start to know more about TRA-DING in financial markets, so they launch blindly without basic knowledge or bases, that's why knowing the basics of tra-ding is the starting point, additional of the financial instruments with which you can operate.
It is important to know how to differentiate between investing and operating since they are two key words to understand the trading, many people feel confused when differentiating these words, mainly if they are just entering the financial world.
Investing is receiving dividend payments, coupons, for which investors look for long-term value, while operating is to use financial tools in order to exceed the objectives of investments.
Knowing how to operate helps them to multiply figures, since they can benefit from both falls and market rises thanks to the possibility of selling short.
A financial instrument is a negotiable asset of any kind; for example, it is an asset that we can buy or sell based on a monetary value in a financial market.It will also analyze how to invest in the stock market, what will be the techniques, such as the financial market and its instruments, which are its objectives and its development.
The method to carry out this test was the scientific method, by using this method you can obtain answers that have been proven through reports and reproducing the same fact with other con-texts.
This essay will help people who want to enter the area of financial markets to know what instru-ments are and how they work, when they should retire and learn about the financial market.